Get managed

We want all kinds of beautiful. What some call flaws is what we believe makes the man. Or the woman. We’re looking for people with that indefinable something that silences a room. Or makes it erupt. That makes people feel giddy, alight, pensive, something. If you have that something, we want you.

Image Submission Guidelines

What we want:
3x Colour photographs:
1 Neutral expression headshot
1 Smiling headshot
1 Full length shot
1 Optional swimwear shot

What we do not want:

  • Sideways or profile shots
  • Sunglasses
  • Caps or other headgear
  • Excessive make-up
  • Other people
  • Props or things in your hands
  • Selfies
  • Black and white photographs.

Scout warning

If you are approached by anyone, either in person or via social media, who claims to be a scout for The Management, please contact us immediately to verify their identity. We are currently only based in Cape Town.